Vegan Chef Deb Kay On Our Radio Show

We will have Vegan Chef Deb Kay on our radio show August 13, 2014. You can listen live on At 9:00am, our station is “The Moment Is Now.” She will discuss plant-based cooking and easy ways to begin incorperating more vegitables, fruits and grain into your diet. She has a cooking class coming up locally that you won’t want to miss. You can check out her web site.



Vegan Cooking Class

I had a few friends over my house to spend the afternoon for a lesson in Plant Based Cooking with Chef Deb Kay. She is a Vegan Fusion Cooking Instructor with a wonderful teaching flair. She assigned each of us a task that when combined together would create the most wonderful meal for all of us to share at the end. The menu consisted of Cheezie Crunchy Kale Chips, Mean Green Juice, Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms, Sweet Potato Bowl, Fettuccini Alfredo and Chocolate Dream Pie with Coconut Whipped Cream. All of us learned an array of culinary tips throughout the process of putting this wonderful meal together. It was very hands on and chaotic at times with nine people squeezing by each other in my small kitchen. As all of us sat at the dining table passing around the colorful bowls of fresh “made from scratch” delectable gourmet food, we had big smiles on our faces. The food was a feast to all of our senses. The smell, colors, taste and the feel was fabulous. I will have Deb back for more lessons a couple of times this year. I want to change my diet as a Vegetarian to Vegan as another step closer to eating the healthiest food I can. It will not happen overnight but I am well on my way. If you would like to have Deb come to your house and create an amazing afternoon for you, here is how you can contact her:

If you would like information on cooking Vegan and access to over 400 recipes, check out her blog at:

January 15th Show—Relationships.


We had an interesting show today. We explored the concept of triangular relationships. The old expression; “being a third wheel” applies her. Whether the relationship is two parents and one child, like we discussed on the show or one parent and two children, there is usually a constant energy trying to find balance. The triangulation in my own life changed several times while I was still at home, but as I look back I see where it continued throughout my life in many of my relationships. Marion discovered it as well in her life. It is a fascinating subject I must admit. During our formative years as our foundation is built we seem to base all of our future relationships around the belief system set in place during those years. Years ago when the healing modality of the Inner Child work surfaced, it drew our attention back to this time where all of our structure was created. It was not created as a venue for blame and victimhood, but a pathway for us to see how important our belief system was and how it was put in place with a young underdeveloped mind. This gave us an opportunity to reevaluate our beliefs as well as change, update or eliminate the belief. This was very empowering at the time. As I continue to counsel people, this subject is usually brought up. Instead of backtracking through a person’s childhood, sometimes a greater healing occurs when we focus on where we are going and what we want it to look like instead of where we came from. Everyone is unique and the healing path is individualized. One thing is for sure we are all on our own unique path of self-discovery. As Rumi said “We are all walking each other home”.


Marion did find a website that we thought would help us all understand how our childhood experiences molded us. This site offers a free course into our self-discovery and healing. We thought we should share this with our listeners and readers.


October 9th Radio Show

Tonight’s show is The Universal Law #2/ The Law of Vibration.

The law of vibration states “nothing rest” everything moves, everything vibrates.

The most common unit of measure for a frequency is called a Hertz. A hertz is one vibration per second, so if you have a frequency of 400 Hertz that means there are 400 cycles of vibration occurring every second. So this gives us a scale for determining low to high vibrations.

Dr. Gary Young created a machine that can measure the electrical frequency of individual cells. He determined a healthy body vibrates at 62-68Hz or above. He discovered that a human body that is vibrating at 58Hz or under can host the common cold. 57Hz would host the flu, 55Hz would host candida and when the body is vibrating at 42Hz or below it will host cancer.

David A Hawkins created a scale that can measure people’s level of consciousness or spiritual awareness, that is called “Map of Consciousness” that is a scale from 1-1000. He determined that the vibration of Love is 528Hz. This scale is in his book “Power verses Force”.

David Icke took a metal plate and poured sand on top of it and connected sound waves to the metal plate and it created different designs with different sound vibrations.  This is called Cymatic.

Dr. Masaru Emoto took water and exposed it to music, the spoken word, typed words, pictures and videos then froze the water until it crystalized to prove the impact these things had on us.

Dr. Richard Gerber wrote a book “Exploring Vibrational Medicine” that proved the effect our thoughts had on us and our environment.

NASA released recording of outer space that The Voyager recorded as it traveled through space, They were called “Symphonies of the Planets.”

How do you raise your vibration to be healthier?

Eating fresh live food, PH Balanced





Energy Healing

Positive Thinking

Get out in nature

Go to the ocean, lake, forest, mountains or garden.

What lowers your vibration?

Poor Diet

Negative Thinking





Microwaved Foods

Cell Phones

Electrical Appliances

Here are some links for further information.

Body frequencies:

Explanation of Hawkins scale:

Scale of Frequencies:


Fun Video:


Free PDF book on Sound:

Cymatic’s (sound)


October 2nd, 2013 Radio Broadcast

The first broadcast of “The Moment is Now” focused on The Universal Law of Oneness. During the show I focused first on the word “Energy” which I chose for expressing Oneness.  Everything is energy. Energy has two basic forms. Manifested Energy and Unmanifested Energy. Manifested energy is energy that has been solidified into a specific solid as well as everything that is tangible. Unmanifested energy is all of the space between. Energy changes form but is never destroyed, so it is always in constant change. This is a very simple way to describe Energy as Oneness.

On the first show I talked about my trip to India where I understood Oneness at a deeper level. In Satha Sai Baba’s Ashram I attended the early morning Darshan. I would enter a deep meditation as I sat among hundreds of people in the temple. This meditative state allowed me to feel the pulsing beat of a cohesive Oneness. Everything around me would dissolve until there was only this pulsating heartbeat of Consciousness itself. When I wrote my book “Living With Soul-The Great Spiritual Revolution” I added a meditation which resembles this experience. It’s titled “Erasing The Lines of Separation”.

Here is some information that explains this concept much further.

First Broadcast

The broadcast of my first radio show last night was very exciting. I appreciate all the e-mails I received today encouraging me as well as the suggestions to make it better. I depend on my students to be my guiding light in this new experience. I know as this medium becomes more comfortable for me the more professional I will sound. I know the subjects I will cover will be very useful for us all. Marion and I decided since the show is only 30 minutes at this time, it would be beneficial to our listeners for me to post additional information pertaining to the topic on my website blog. So my plan is after the Wednesday night show to post some additional information that I didn’t have time to cover during the broadcast. Hang in there with me because this is going to be very interesting!

A New Adventure

It has been quite a while since I posted anything on my blog. It has been a very busy summer and as autumn surrounds me my focus is moving into a new direction. A friend of mine, Marion Douglas called me and asked if I would be interested in doing a radio show with her. Immediately I responded YES, that would be a great new experience. So she did all the technical stuff and got us set up to do a show. We will try to keep the week night and time the same but that may not be possible all the time. I will keep you updated of any changes through Facebook.

Starting date: October 2nd, 2013: Wednesday night at 8:00pm

Here is the web site:

This is our station:      The Moment is Now.

New Website Is Live

New Website Is Live

I have spent the last few months building a new website with Jim and Levon. I have learned a lot and I am continuing to learn more about this project. Now that winter is here and the holidays are past us I am headlong into a new year. Most of us are happy to put 2012 behind us anticipating 2013 will be more lenient and gracious. Since creation begins with focus and intent what are your goals for this coming year? Have you taken the time to contemplate your desires yet? Have you laid out a plan to follow? You must have a clear focus of what you want so your attention draws energy to manifest it with you. A slight idea never works; it isn’t grounded enough in the material world to form. I am not talking about resolution; they come strictly from an Ego standpoint needing to be part of the illusionary collective so we fit into mainstream thinking. What is your Soul whispering to you in your quiet moments? What are your dreams trying to show you? When was the last time you sat in on a lesson at Love University? If your life isn’t what you want it to be now, why aren’t you creating what you want? I am bombarding you with all of these questions because it is so very easy to go to sleep and be just another person sleepwalking through life. SNAP out of it! Fight to stay conscious! Be acuity aware when the Ego is hypnotizing you back to sleep. We have been asleep for thousands of years. We are at the stage of in between sleep and awake. This is the transformation we have all been waiting for but we keep falling back to sleep. What are your strategies for staying awake and alive? Can you tell when you’re snoozing again? You know how it feels to sleep all too well, but can you hold on to the alive, vibrant, all encompassing “life on purpose” with love, joy and happiness that consumes us when we are awake?  There is such a distinct different feeling between both of them so why is it so hard to stay awake?  Because the Ego has such a grip on us, drawing our attention constantly into the illusion so we fall asleep. So what strategy do you use to stay awake? Please share it with us by leaving a comment!